Local Rules


USGA and R&A rules and regulations are always in effect except in cases where modified by local rules. “NEWGIZA” (NGGC) is committed to ensure a reasonable pace of play for all members. If a match fails to keep it’s pace on the course and loses more than a clear hole on the players ahead, it must allow the match following to play through. In severe cases of slow play, a match may be required to pick up their golf balls and advance to an open hole, if the match concerned does not comply with the directions from the marshal they may be removed from the course

It is required that the course marshal’s instructions be followed at any times.

A round should be completed in 4 hours or less, if play is unobstructed.

No outside caddies are permitted

Each player is requested to repair ball marks, replace divots and rake sand traps to ensure excellent conditions for all golfers

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